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I have been working with those on the other side for over 20 years. It has been my mission and one that I have fulfilled over many lifetimes.

Prior to the Vatican's formal announcement that Pope John Paul had died;

 I started receiving messages from Archangel Michael and Jesus that our beloved Pontiff was on the other side.

As the world grieved at his passing and were mourning his loss,

Pope John Paul started giving me messages every day which he considered calling home.




What message could be so pressing that our beloved Pope
would come back to personally deliver it?

The events that John Paul describes are of a serious nature as 
they center on EARTH CHANGES

He also adds that a GRAND SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT would come to the world,
but before this wondrous event, there would be much suffering.

He adds, "There have been many discussions on my side formulating plans as to how these progressions will be revealed.  Some of the Masters and guidance from the Elder Brothers have taken the position that this knowledge should not be given at this time while others have taken the position that the people on earth should be given the plans in detail.  There are those who stand for a middle road, revealing small pieces of the future in bite sized pieces.

Master Mother Mary, my Queen, has decided that the knowledge should be given in full and at this time.  She feels that you are advanced enough that you can face the future.  Yes, there will be fear, but it is for this very reason that we give indications of what will occur so that you can overcome your fears and make decisions and choices with your soul progression as the matrix for your future."

In his calls home, Pope John Paul II gives us the reason as to why he took on this new responsibility.  Mother Mary his Queen had been trying to get our attention and we were ignoring her.  As her troubadour, he was fulfilling her desire to inform us of events that would soon come to pass.  Pope John Paul further states that he would use any method at his disposal to inform us of these events, no matter how unusual they might seem.

The Warning that Our Lady of Fatima showed her visionaries is explained and we are informed that the event is coming soon.   We are also told that Pope John Paul will be one who will integrate this event as it comes to our universe.

"This planet Earth is coming to a place in the Cosmos where it will have access to greater knowledge than what has been available to you from its inception when it was brought forth from nothing.  It will line up with your galactic center which in turn will line up with the cosmic center.  In between there are many portals and levels of existence which hold many universes, and these also will line in up a straight line; the Creator who resides in the center of the Cosmos will have a direct line with you.  You might consider this a passage way where there is nothing to obstruct the gaze of this Creator." 

Pope John Paul adds, "It is for this time in history that I came to earth, not the one in which I recently served. Now you know me well and you have an allegiance with me and even call me wise, but that was the foundation for the work I am to do now. My Queen asked me to come that last time and the many other times that I came in the past.

Before I made my entry as the individual who became your recent Pope, Mother Mary discussed the plan that she had in mind.

The plan was simple.
I was to come and offer my services as a leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
 I had to come when I did because of Communism and its forces had to be stopped so that pinpointed an entry date for me. 

Our Queen chose the Roman Catholic Church as it was a great force in the world and leadership of the church would be respected and noticed.

I had to be old enough to oppose communism, but young enough to transition at this period of earth history.

I understood all of this when I lived among you.  The Queen of Heaven came to me every day and we planned and discussed her plans that she wished to integrate into action based upon the reactions of the human tide to events."

My friends, whether you loved Pope John Paul II or disagreed with his stand on issues, the information he brings concerns you because it concerns our future.

Pope John Paul adds, "You can see the future for yourself.  No one needs to give this information to you.  I will lead you within so you can search the data banks of Earth yourself and understand what is on your doorstep.  When I was with you, I saw the future, but it was given to me that it was not the time then to reveal this.  The time is now and in this manner."

December 2004 Earthquake in the Indian Ocean

"The spiritual hierarchy has been taking responsibility for your growth and now that responsibility has been turned over to you but with complete assistance that is available to you.  The recent earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 was just a precursor of what is yet to come.  Your scientists have mentioned to you that the length of the day has been changed by just a few seconds. The change even though small is an indicator of great change as the axis of earth is in a new position.  There will be other changes in the axis, though I wish to assure you that the Earth will not pass away."

Group Thought Can Command a Future Direction for the Earth

Pope John Paul states that, "Going within as an individual is manna for your soul, but building the thought entity of group dynamics for the future is also needed. Individuals around the world, who hold the picture of a thought at one time is especially powerful, and there are some now who work in that manner.  When there are enough of you who read my messages, I will suggest group thought at very specific times whereby a very few united in love and compassion can command a future direction for the Earth.

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A New World Coming
When I departed the physical, it was the time marker for the change from the old to the new.  Some have observed that my funeral was held at a very auspicious time with regard to a special eclipse, and that is true.  My passing was a marker in time and a sign.

Future Problems
Your Queen stands behind me and I want you to envision that picture.  She speaks through me and has given me permission, no rather has urged me to speak to you in this manner.

There will be economic worries, because many have amassed large quantities of debt only to find that the income that they were counting upon will vanish like heavy stones falling upon quicksand.  Debt, debt and more debt will strangle those who have lived a lifestyle as if there would be no lean years.  Now is the time to examine your outflow of finances, and if there is any way to curb the flood, try to fix the problem.  There will not be many signs before the reversal, as your economic house of cards has been stretched to the limit.  The stock market is not far behind in its struggles.

These are the short term problems, but the long term struggles will be government restrictions as they try to hold on to their authority in all parts of the globe.  There was a time when there were only one or two trouble spots in the world, but problems will arise like smoke in a forest fire in the future.  Large areas will ignite as if explosive material was spread on dry kindling wood.

Every part of the world will seem to pop up in your consciousness showing a struggle that will seem to have no solutions.  Any action, direct or indirect, politically, economically, or medically, will surface and there will be clashes that will be heard around the world.

The time of secrecy is over.  Much is secret presently, but it is on the edge of being revealed.  You will see politicians fall from grace and you will see economic problems seemingly erupt everywhere, but the movement of the layers of rock beneath you will be resettling themselves.

The Physical Body
As it is now, the carbon based cell is able to divide, but the telomere oversees cell division to about fifty times, and then the cell dies.  This is known as aging.  Cells die and do not have the ability to replicate themselves.  When the cells become crystalline or light-based, the telomere will be able to replicate cells indefinitely without dying.  This ability to replicate the cells of the body is the factor that will overcome aging.  Death might come through accidental causes, but death through organ failure which is based upon cell replication will be a thing of the past.

Regarding Earth Changes
The plates beneath your land are unsteady, aging, and under stress both from the point of view of the land that they support and the stress from what is called the ring of fire.

The Earth is purging itself from lower levels of energy.  It is coming forth to be cleansed, because the planet cannot continue on its progression unless all the crimes from the past are washed from Earth's memory bank.  This cleansing will follow several lines.  The plate movement and reconfiguration is only part of what is in the future.  Weather will whip its winds and water will struggle to find equilibrium because humans have changed the balance of the Earth, not only with thoughts and deeds of aggression, but by mining the resources of the Earth to such a degree that it has added to the imbalance. 

Beneath your feet presently there are lands that have lain beneath the depths of ocean that once were thriving cities of grandeur.  They are moving forth as we speak.  They have been gently rising towards the surface ever so slowly, but nevertheless rising.  There will be lands sinking though they will not sink slowly, but in a burst of plates tearing asunder and dropping to the sea.  They are presently showing signs of escaping molten lava and they are beginning their birthing process towards what you will label as destruction.


Regarding Church Doctrine
All pronouncements made by the Pope that concern the doctrine of Jesus Christ are, indeed, protected by the workings of the Holy Spirit, but the doctrines that have to do with the humanness of the world are not.  When to fast, when to give alms, when and how to conceive are not teachings of Jesus, unless it is to keep holy the nature of life.  From here I can see that it is wrong to take a human life under any circumstances, but contraception is a human decision as to when to bring forth a human vessel for a soul to inhabit.  There is a responsibility to protect that life and to teach and give sustenance of every type until the child is able to provide for itself.  Even then there is a responsibility to spiritual and social nurturing to that child.

Regarding the Future of the Church
It doesn't matter how you react to his writings (Nostradamas) The Pope says that he saw true) but something that is in the future is the end result, and that will mean that there will be a schism in the church that will be so deep and so wide that it will not be healed. 

Some of Pope John Paul II's Promises
I have left an opening between my world and yours.  In your mind, search for that opening with the image of my face in your thoughts, and you will find me.  I answer all who call upon me.  Usually, I implant thoughts in your dreams; I use this method for those who do not believe that I can speak directly to them.  For those who have the faith and belief that I can speak to them directly, I use that method.  Understand that belief has energy.  The energy of belief supports the concept, and desire fills the requirement that inertia must be overcome for action to come into your dimension.

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